Tom  has  been instructing group fitness since 2001.  At a  max weight of  275lbs, group  fitness  changed  his  life  and  he has utilized his experiences and passion in the  industry to  take  him where  he is today.  Tom   has   worked   for   various gyms,  health  clubs,   and    Universities (including NYU)   while   traveling across the Southeast  instructing  Master  Class presentations and Step Clinics including presenting at   ECA International Fitness Conference   and   sharing   the stage at AAAI,   to  being   chosen   as   a   NIKE Rockstar  and launching  the  Caribbean Dance  Hall  workout.  Since   relocating to NYC in 2009,Tom has developed and created  formats, signature  classes with stylized   choreographed   workouts   for some  of  the city’s top rated gyms. Tom is  known  for  his  fun creative workouts that  inspire  and motivate participants in achieving their personal fitness goals.

While   Tom   Sharp  and his  fitness  classes  can  be  found  across  the  city in  various  gyms   and luxury health clubs, his experience and presence in the industry for the past 20 years, paired with his personal  and  professional  accomplishments,  has   allowed  him  to  consult  and   help   give   new entrepreneurs   and   fitness   related  owners  vital,  helpful  insight  and  guidance  in the industry by providing   both   valued input  and suggestions  on  how to  succeed  in  today’s  fitness  market.

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